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A1 Detailing

Exciting news! We're thrilled to introduce the brand-new HD Wash, now available for the first time in Dundee.

Our Packages

Prices are dependent on the size and condition of the vehicle.

Safe Wash

Approx Time 30 mins

4x4 / MPV Extra £5

Presoak and rinse, snowfoam rinse, wheels thoroughly cleaned, 2 bucket method wash, dried and tyres dressed.

2 Stage Decontamination Wash

Approx Time 50 mins

4x4 / MPV Extra £10

Safe wash followed by tar removal (black spots) and iron fallout removeal (yellow/orange/red spots) highly recommended for white cars

3 Stage Decontamination Wash

Approx Time 1 hr

4x4 / MPV Extra £15

2 stage decontamination wash followed by a clay bar and lube to help remove any stubborn and bonded contamination

The Enhancement Package

Approx Time 2 to 3 hrs

4x4 / MPV Extra £20

Our 3 stage decontamination wash followed by a single stage machine polish to enhance glossiness of the paintwork

Stage 1 Correction Package


4x4 / MPV Extra £30

The enhancement package but we spend more time correcting the paintwork - includes a 1 year entry level ceramic coating

Stage 2 Correction Package


4x4 / MPV Extra £50

We spend double the time polishing the paintwork using a more abrasive combination to remove scratches followed by a finer combination to refine the gloss - includes a 2 year ceramic coating.

The Full Detail


4x4 / MPV Extra £100

Stage 2 correction package as well as interior deep cleaned and detailed, windows coated and our upgraded 3 year ceramic coating applied to the paintwork

Optional Upgrades

Windows deep-cleaned and coated


1 year ceramic coating


Wheels off deep cleaned and coated


2 year ceramic coating


3-5 year 2 layer ceramic coating


Recent Car Detailing

Here are some examples of work we completed.


Words From Our Customers

Gail “Gail74” Ramsay
Gail “Gail74” Ramsay
Always do a geeat job. Busy place especially in the summer.
Dan Moffat
Dan Moffat
Good job no pissing about
Zen Butt
Zen Butt
Brilliant service! Will definitely be back
Very helpful and friendly staff. Happy with what I got
Honor Anderson
Honor Anderson
Good service and make a lovely job

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